Is the Nexus One a revolution ? # Android

As expected Nexus One was launched today by Google.

You can buy one here : (But not in France yet)

What is Nexus one?

Hardware : Nexus one is like other touch screen phones with some « sexy » features : AMOLED screen, 5 Megapixel, Camera with led flash, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU from Qualcomm, two mics for « active noise suppression »…

Software : Nexus one is running the latest Android Build : Android 2.1 .

And not much  more…

A revolution ?

I’m a fervent Android supporter but I’m not so much excited by the news, I mean it’s just a new terminal. I think  my old HTC Dream G1 will support  Android 2.1 thanks to developers like cyanogen. (Ok it probably won’t be as fast and smooth as the nexus one, but it will work). There will be many others devices including android 2.1 and future versions including other sexy hardware features.

That’s why I think Nexus one is not a revolution. It’s just a great advertisement for Android to the general public. This is the second device after the Motorola Droid to appear as a serious iPhone competitor.

Google was in position to upset the mobile phone market, bypassing traditional carriers with google Voice for example.

In fact that’s not really surprising, Google couldn’t fall out with the Open Handset Alliance (The group of firms officially supporting and contributing to Android’s development ) .

So the Nexus One is not a revolution, but the revolution may have already begun with the Android launch.

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  1. These Smartphone are ones unknown and they are less searched by customers – but they are great Smartphone, and people should know it!!!

    Instead of jumping like crazy on other gadgets like iPad or Galaxy Tab etc…

    Thanks for this presentation

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